Weighing up the benefits & costs

It can be tempting to chase lower interest rates and/or change the structure of your loan, but before deciding whether to refinance, talk to Rob Parsons and Co. Mortgage First. We’ll help you work out which mortgage option is best for you; if the benefits of refinancing outweigh any costs you may incur. We’re here to help and our service is free!

Refinancing advice - now & in the future

Rob Parsons or Sam Parsons will help you decide which type of mortgage structure is best for your circumstances. If refinancing is the best option, we’ll make the process as simple as possible for you, and negotiate with lenders to obtain the best refinancing offer possible. As one of Canterbury’s original mortgage broking specialists, our trusted relationships with a wide range of bank and non/bank lenders mean we have a strong chance of negotiating a better refinancing offer than if you had approached the lender/s direct, or through another mortgage broker.

Advantages & risks of refinancing

Rob and Sam provide free, impartial advice throughout the lifetime of your home loan, to help you achieve your financial goals, one of which may be to pay the mortgage off as quickly as possible. For example, we calculate whether the benefit of reduced repayments, overrides any refinancing fees - e.g. penalty ‘break’ fee for paying off your existing mortgage early, and lawyer/solicitor fee. The good news is that in many cases, Rob Parsons and Co. Mortgage First can negotiate a refinancing package which greatly lowers any fees, and in some cases, may completely offset refinancing fees.

Refinancing to pay for large expenses

You may want to refinance to take advantage of equity gain, to pay for large expenses such as renovations, or a special holiday – we can help with that too. Perhaps you want to invest in a rental property – we also have expertise in arranging home loans for investors. Learn more on our Investment Property page.

The key point to remember about home loans and refinancing, is that because interest rates, mortgage products, and your priorities may change, it’s important to review your mortgage regularly. We can help no matter where you are in New Zealand - whilst Rob Parsons and Co. Mortgage First is based in Christchurch, in most cases we can complete the entire refinancing process with you by phone and email… You don’t need to negotiate with the lender/s at all.

Keen to get started?

Call or email us – Rob or Sam will get in touch to discuss your options.

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